Behçet Mutlu

Hi, my name is Behçet and you are now exploring my personal blog page. In this blog I intend to personalize and in a way create my own agenda of videos that I liked or want to watch them in the future, some of the resources that I found and most of my daily works and interests that I think they will be useful for me and for people like me.

I’m a computer engineer, programmer, web designer, web developer and that I dare can call my self an innovator. I feel that innovation is in my blood that anything I see or I need my first thought is to create or develop it better. I usually use a technique before starting any project that firstly check out the existing projects alike, figure out what they do and do not, get the good things and leave the bad things left and then start to it.

I admit! There is a problem with me that I’m so easy to lose focus on current projects and always find myself on a different end than starting point. I googled it, and read from a health magazine that is a cure that means there is a lot of people have that disadvantage like me. Surely I found some techniques that help me focus on what I’m doing. And I’m working on it. :)

Anyways, have fun on surfing on my blog and don’t hesitate to write me back if you have questions or want to contact with.

Thank you,

Behçet Mutlu

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