Advertisement Agenda (İlan Ajandası)

İlan Ajandası

Advertisement Agenda

This is my current project that I’m working on for AdresGezgini.Com. It is designed using ExtJS Javascript Framework to be able to give the flexibility of managing advertisements, pictures, advertisement portals and where your advertisements are published. It seem uncomplicated at the beginning but it is really complicated project that I think using ExtJS made it not easy to finish at the right time. Anything that I need to do on this project, I had to create a plug-in, component or complete application extending the regular components of Ext Library. However, I’m so close to finish it by the end of May 2011 and it will be online for people and companies that want to advertise their company, products or real estates that they can find free and paid portals as country, city, vicinity etc. It is not a complete solution for managing the portals and advertisements but you can easily manage your advertisement pictures, descriptions, details that portals may ask when you register new advertisement and it is flexible for all products.

If you are interested in, please visit it at

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