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Peak of the Project

Today before starting on my current project I would like to point that I think I’m now nearly on the peak point of the Advertisement Agenda project. I mean after that point it is going to be easier to finish required parts of the project that left. Let’s see what will happen.

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What Happend With Migration Process?

I was trying to migrate from Ext JS 3 to Ext JS 4 and could not manage to fix all the problems that occurred with the developed Ext JS 3 project of mine. Then I tried to figure out if I could build a complete application from beginning and if there is any easy way to do that. Finally I decided not to start anything about migration at this point of the project when I do not really need it because it will take too much time to finish the project of which I don’t have.

Later I’ll do the migration with another project I suppose.

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Migrating from Ext JS 3.0 to Ext JS 4.0

Today I feel very lucky and I decided to migrate all my application that I build on the Advertisement Agenda project and may be I can find some easy ways of migration. This is the first time I intend to migrate any older version of a framework in the middle of a project. Let’s see what is waiting for e :) .

By the way, there is a complete tutorial and an easy way of doing the migration with a compatibility tool that you should install. But I want to have complete new start with Ext JS 4. And why I need to migrate is the API that I use is not compatible with the application I’m developing. It is really become a confusion for me.  Here I go..

Step By Step Migration Plan

  1. Backup Project Files for later needs
  2. Download new release of Ext JS from
  3. Just change the base ext file path to the new one.
  4. Try it out.
  5. If there has been a problem, try to figure out what is it and solve the problem.
  6. Continue to the 4th step until there is no problem.
  7. If I still came up nowhere, start to build a complete new application.

So, how did it go? I did the first 4 steps and jump to the 7th one :D . It looks like I need a complete new application.

Here what it is! There is not enough documentation about the steps to build an application from start. I decided watch those videos first:

I must say, I’m stucked! I’ll go through examples, that will do.

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What is Cloud Computing?

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Remixing voice recognition with face detection – or how to talk to white…

Here is a video with voice recognition with face detection demonstration that is I suppose developed by gearman development team. The thing is, it shows clearly that we can now tech devices to listen and do what we say or mean with our emotions like winging or smiling or getting an angry face etc.

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Neuo The Intelligent Virtual Personal Assistant

Neuo The Intelligent Virtual Personal Assistant

This project came to me as starting to think about a new way of searching over the Internet to beat Google at start and to become the tool that people use every day life and in business. Firstly it was just like a desktop application but it will not be limited with the abilities of PCs, Macs or Mobile devices that have today. I thought as it will be a universe-top (not a desktop) that every people will have personally and where ever they are they can connect to their universe-top via any mobile device even from a watch that have ability to connect to a network somehow. The idea behind this technology is powered up with the Cloud Services that the Internet is at the start of new century.

I had heard from one of famous people in Turkey that points out the connection between the names of the successful people and companies states that all of successful people or company have the letter “o” in their names and you can easily figure out with some examples like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, iPod, iPhone, Steve Jobs etc. of whom have a letter “o” in their names. That could be a coincidence but I think the guy had a point.

So, I started with the word “new” and putting the letter “o” together, that is “new o” and using English pronunciation; “new” is like reading “neu” and finally with one word and one sound you can read “neuo” as a character name jumping from comics book. I liked it, and here I’m starting this project immediately after the project that I’m working on right now.

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Find Student Housing (Öğrenci Evi Bul)

Card-visit Design of Öğrenci Evi Bul

This project is my thesis project that I developed using MVC Pattern in PHP language. I should have been published it on March 2011 but I could not find a way to have time to finish requirements of publishing it for public use. I know it is needed especially in my country and other countries that students need different housing searches over real estate services over the Internet. At the beginning I will publish it in Turkey and later starting from European countries all over the world student can find housing such an easy way that never been that easy before.

This idea grown up when I was in Martha’s Vineyard Haven, MA in US – where I went last summer by Work And Travel program – that I needed to find housing in Turkey in a short time interval. Any how, I could not found any web site that I can search for housing close where my school is. At that time I quickly searched for a domain name and paid it.

Oh. I almost forget to finish the story :) . I found hosing from the e-mail sent via our school mail group from one of students of our school. When I came to the house, I was surprised to see the mess in the house and the people that I’m going to live with. That was a sign for me to immediately contact to my thesis advisor to build this web site to serve a good for the all future students that will always need to find housing when they are studying.

I have much more stories about this project but it is not the place I guess.. Any way…

If you are interested in, you can visit the web site from

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Advertisement Agenda (İlan Ajandası)

İlan Ajandası

Advertisement Agenda

This is my current project that I’m working on for AdresGezgini.Com. It is designed using ExtJS Javascript Framework to be able to give the flexibility of managing advertisements, pictures, advertisement portals and where your advertisements are published. It seem uncomplicated at the beginning but it is really complicated project that I think using ExtJS made it not easy to finish at the right time. Anything that I need to do on this project, I had to create a plug-in, component or complete application extending the regular components of Ext Library. However, I’m so close to finish it by the end of May 2011 and it will be online for people and companies that want to advertise their company, products or real estates that they can find free and paid portals as country, city, vicinity etc. It is not a complete solution for managing the portals and advertisements but you can easily manage your advertisement pictures, descriptions, details that portals may ask when you register new advertisement and it is flexible for all products.

If you are interested in, please visit it at

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