Find Student Housing (Öğrenci Evi Bul)

Card-visit Design of Öğrenci Evi Bul

This project is my thesis project that I developed using MVC Pattern in PHP language. I should have been published it on March 2011 but I could not find a way to have time to finish requirements of publishing it for public use. I know it is needed especially in my country and other countries that students need different housing searches over real estate services over the Internet. At the beginning I will publish it in Turkey and later starting from European countries all over the world student can find housing such an easy way that never been that easy before.

This idea grown up when I was in Martha’s Vineyard Haven, MA in US – where I went last summer by Work And Travel program – that I needed to find housing in Turkey in a short time interval. Any how, I could not found any web site that I can search for housing close where my school is. At that time I quickly searched for a domain name and paid it.

Oh. I almost forget to finish the story :) . I found hosing from the e-mail sent via our school mail group from one of students of our school. When I came to the house, I was surprised to see the mess in the house and the people that I’m going to live with. That was a sign for me to immediately contact to my thesis advisor to build this web site to serve a good for the all future students that will always need to find housing when they are studying.

I have much more stories about this project but it is not the place I guess.. Any way…

If you are interested in, you can visit the web site from

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