My Own Status on May 4, 2011

I’ve slept over 15 hours last night and during this morning and I feel very well before starting to work on my current project. Today I feel decisive to finish a huge part of the project if I could meanwhile downloading 1080p HD movies via rapidshare. Unfortunately I spend lots of time on watching those movies rather that working on any project. Some times – I know it is not this time – you should lost your concentration on what you are working by such thing to have a different approach when you contiune on it. With the same approach and doing the same thing with same thinking mechanism, you can not reach any other solution solve your problem. That is how I usualy change the subject on my mind to change how it works.

Today I received a newspress from Adobe that advertise their very new release of Adobe Flash Builder 4.5. I’m also now downloading some resources about Adobe Flash Builder 4 containing videos and an e-book. I’ll take a look on those when I need some brake like watching movies I explained above.

So, lets get started on Advertisement Agenda.

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