Neuo The Intelligent Virtual Personal Assistant

Neuo The Intelligent Virtual Personal Assistant

This project came to me as starting to think about a new way of searching over the Internet to beat Google at start and to become the tool that people use every day life and in business. Firstly it was just like a desktop application but it will not be limited with the abilities of PCs, Macs or Mobile devices that have today. I thought as it will be a universe-top (not a desktop) that every people will have personally and where ever they are they can connect to their universe-top via any mobile device even from a watch that have ability to connect to a network somehow. The idea behind this technology is powered up with the Cloud Services that the Internet is at the start of new century.

I had heard from one of famous people in Turkey that points out the connection between the names of the successful people and companies states that all of successful people or company have the letter “o” in their names and you can easily figure out with some examples like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, iPod, iPhone, Steve Jobs etc. of whom have a letter “o” in their names. That could be a coincidence but I think the guy had a point.

So, I started with the word “new” and putting the letter “o” together, that is “new o” and using English pronunciation; “new” is like reading “neu” and finally with one word and one sound you can read “neuo” as a character name jumping from comics book. I liked it, and here I’m starting this project immediately after the project that I’m working on right now.

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