Overall Summary of my First Week on the New Job at Enuygun.Com


The end of the week showed up for me and I feel like writing about my firs week at Enuygun.Com. Firstly, I haven’t learn much about the company but I think its a kind of new but successful company. I’m a senior software developer here and we’re going to build applications, services, mobile applications and an affiliate system for all we can share the growth. We are using Symfony2 as PHP framework of which I had no idea at the beginning. For the first 2 days it was like what a horrible structure that everything is bundled and you need to create new bundle to use the other bundle. At least, that’s what I think it was. After a huge concentration on research and watching some tutorials about Symfony, I now can say that, it might be the best framework to be used to develop easily implemented bundles that could be used by many applications. It’s not that none of the other frameworks don’t have the ability but it is for me now that when I think about bundled or plug in based system development is Symfony.

All in all, although I did not have any clue about the technology that they have been using till now, I think I made a grate performance to figure out what is what, why it is used and how I can use things while I have my developer hat put-on. So, the thing is, Enuygun.com is totally new for me and I feel like I’m going to be successful as I used to be on the previous companies. But I should note that, getting a job far away from your home is not the best choice. But it was a quick shoot. I hope I made a good decision.

Thank you for reading.

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